Meg is fascinated and passionate about the complexity of conveying a brand’s identity to their audience in a meaningful and authentic manner. She is an ethnographer by training and a graphic designer by way of following what has heart and meaning. Meg is a diligent and ambition learner, explorer, effective communicator, and a believer in making design more accessible. Central to Meg's design work is a value on strong research and the user experience. Her belief is that good research results in good design, and both take ingenuity, curiosity, and a desire for excellence.

Along with her graphic design degree she has a Bachelors of Arts in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Washington. In her time at the UW Meg studied critical race studies, social theory, gender and feminism, and critiques of contempary capitolism. In every step of her design processes she uses her skills gained in Anthropology, from the ablitiy to think outside of the box, to research and analysis, to applying her understaning of cultural, social and psychology motivations and values.

When not working, Meg enjoys nerding out over science fiction and pop-culture, cooking an excellent meal with friends, ever curating the botanical apthecary she calls home, reading for hours, and teaching herself how to DJ. Check out her on going self-initiated work and other design inspirations and musings at

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